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AI: The New Artist in the Arts?

The rise of artificial intelligence has brought sight to new artistic worlds.  

It doesn’t exist in human form, but it's there creating in true form.  

Such creations are all pervasive in the mundane world.  

It has much potential for the future that’ll eventually come.  

Birth of Artificial Consciousness 

As man continued to seek for faster and better ways to address daily human problems to global crises during the early 20th century, it leads to the invention of the first practical computer.  

This invention was introduced to the world with much hopeful potential towards the future of mankind. That brought unceasing research and development into the field of the digital computer.  

These advancements rapidly gave rise to the birth of a brand-new field of study that started manifesting in physical form, known as, artificial intelligence (AI).  

Artificial intelligence is the ability of a digital computer program to carry out various tasks comparable to does perform by a sentient being.  

This technology gradually grew throughout the decades to be an integral part of many fields, even down to a person’s everyday life as time passed to modern days.  

It originally became broadly known through science fiction publications. Science fiction actually played a major role in getting the world to become more aware of artificial intelligence.  

Today, the element of artificial intelligence seems to be quite omnipresent, but should an artist fully embrace it?  

Digital Perceptions of Reality  

These days, computers and machines are being equipment with special artificial intelligence sensors to emulate certain qualities that reflect those of a human being.   

Some of these qualities include programmed intellectual decisions and actions that are reacted upon on by these systems based on received perceptions from AI sensors or software designed for a specific purpose.  The resulting response or behavior by artificial intelligence has the power to mimic particular attributes of a human.  

Even though, AI technology is making drastic advancements in all fronts of human undertaking, it’s nowhere near yet, in operating at the level of human cognition, but it's definitely moving in that direction.  It’s flawed or effective to the degree that its creator programmed it to be, unless it’s trained to self-correct or improve itself in certain respects.  

At its current state, artificial intelligence is causing a global ripple effect in the field of the arts. Many artists are embracing these new ways.  

The Arrival of AI in the Arts  

Traditional arts solidly remain as it is, but at its fringes, it’s being encroached upon by artificial intelligence in how we as artist create art itself.  

New art methods are being evolved from these various AI technologies. It includes smarter tools and equipment, machinery for artistic mass production, and digital software to replicate many art features.    

At times, the artistic work produced, whether it's visual or performed, it had been done without the artist’s creative consent, but of course, it was programmed beforehand to have such functions.    

There are activities such as painting, where throughout the years, it has become more and more virtual. Its assorted palette of paints, brushes, and canvases are now not physically present, but in a digital form.  

Painting is not just available digitally in presentation, but it has numerous options to create paintings in various styles or even at random to produce other work of art never envisioned by man. It’s being done with a single click or push of a button.  

If taking up the activity of sculpture or any other field of the arts, it would be a similar scenario, where artificial intelligence has some sort of foothold or influence in how its evolving right now.  

Some artists prefer such new creative wonders in technology, but many others would rather stick to traditional arts as it is.   

It’s a matter of individual taste and purpose, which approach one chooses or a workable balance of the two.   

The New Artist in the Arts  The presence of artificial intelligence in the field of the arts indicates a new kind of artist has been born.  

Such an artist is not artificial intelligence itself as an entity, at least not yet, but a new form of artistic creator.  

This AI artist comes in two forms:  

1. The actual creator of the artificial intelligence software or system that allowed such new technology to exist.     

2. An artist utilizing artificial intelligence programs or equipment in order to produce or perform creative art.  

If AI was a fully developed as a sentient being, it could then be considered, the third form of an AI artist, but this technology still remains in its infancy stage of what it could potentially become.  

Otherwise, they are the modern artists of this digital world. 

The Future of the Arts 

The arts are evolving in various ways.  

Thus, the artists are transforming as well.

AI seems to be going anywhere man goes.  

So, use AI to your advantage as an artist.  

Change life for the better as a result.   

Create new worlds to behold.

By Nathaniel Bernard


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